On-Camera Flash Mastery - July 13th 1-4pm


On-Camera Flash Mastery -  July 13th 1-4pm 1
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Are you comfortable shooting in manual mode outdoors but find yourself struggling in certain situations indoors? Do you wish your photos had a little more pop and your subjects stood out from the background more? If so, you’re ready to incorporate an on-camera flash into your photography! In this class, I will be demonstrating how I shoot a variety of indoor and some outdoor pictures with on camera flash. You will learn how to balance ambient light with artificial light and how to quickly dial in proper exposure. I will show you the difference between bounced light, direct light and modified light and when to use each. I will also make various recommended modifiers available for you to experiment with in order to figure out what works best for your style of photography. The cost is $119 per person. This is a great precursor workshop to take if you're also interested in my Off Camera Flash Workshop and/or my Creative Off Camera Lighting Workshop.