Off-Camera Flash Techniques 2/10/19 1-4pm


Off-Camera Flash Techniques 2/10/19 1-4pm 00005
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Are you confident with your on-camera flash but feel like you want an even more polished look from your photos? Do you look at other photographer’s work and wonder how they did it? In this class we will pull the curtain back and reveal how professional photographers create amazing pictures of their subjects with off-camera lighting! Learn the easy way to take your flash off of your camera and create beautiful photos with key lighting, kickers and hair lights. Master the exposure triangle and inverse square law in order to quickly make adjustments on the fly. An off-camera flash trigger system is recommended for this class but not required. Not sure where to get started? Sign up and call us. We can recommend a system within your budget that will work for you. You can also come to the class and borrow what we use to see if it’s a fit for you. The cost is $119 per person